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The Secret to Staying Positive

I was recently told “You’re so positive” by a client. That is a very nice compliment, but the surprising truth is that the road to staying positive is paved with honoring the negative. Mental and spiritual health involves the integration of all parts of ourselves—conscious/unconscious, dark/light—into a whole. The quote “What you resist, persists”  although… Read More »

How to Navigate the Phases of Habit Change

Habits don’t die quickly. Especially habits related to binge eating or emotional eating. These habits cling on for dear life, gasp for their last breath, and keep on going. They are like a movie villain who is left for dead, but then pops up with renewed vigor later in the movie. But eventually, these habits–like… Read More »

How to Start a Mindfulness Practice

Think of any skill you have ever learned. Whether it was cooking, dancing, or driving a car, it was necessary to practice that skill regularly to see improvement. Mindfulness is a skill like any other, and needs the same type of regular practice. The first step toward learning mindfulness is to find a good teacher. Start… Read More »


There is a common belief that if people could just “control themselves” they wouldn’t gain weight. This ties in closely with our American ethic of personal responsibility. As a self-reliant, individualistic society, we don’t like to blame others for our problems. It is no surprise that public discourse around food so often lands squarely in… Read More »

Mindful Emotional Eating?

“Mindful” emotional eating. Isn’t that a contradiction? We usually refer to emotional eating as a loss of control triggered by intense emotions. Can that ever be “mindful? Well, there is no simple answer because our relationship to food is not simple. Try as we may to simply equate food with fuel, we are emotional beings… Read More »

Do You Have Mixed Feelings About Losing Weight?

If you think the answer is “no,” it may actually be “yes.” Mixed feelings are a natural part of the journey toward change. Motivation—by nature—waxes and wanes depending on any number of factors. Human beings are complex creatures. If you have been feeling bad that you are not “all in” with this weight loss thing,… Read More »

Two Principles of Weight Loss

This week’s weight loss class focused on food. Here are two principles of weight loss with regard to food that are worth exploring further. One is an internal principle: understand your relationship to food. The other is an external principle: focus on the quality of your food. Gaining mastery over these two principles will contribute… Read More »