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Nature and Weight Loss

Massachusetts General Hospital has a program where its doctors write prescriptions for outdoor activity as a way to improve health (Outdoor Rx). This is one of those “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” moments that has actually materialized. “Wouldn’t it be nice” if doctors handed out prescriptions for walking the dog, hiking, or playing catch rather… Read More »

That Donut Will Cost Me How Many Miles?

One popular dieting trick is to quantify how much activity is required to burn off certain foods.Most people underestimate (or don’t even know) the amount of calories in their food, and overestimate their activity level. People assume they expend far more energy than they actually do while exercising. And to top it off, people treat… Read More »

The Difference Between Exercise and Movement

Moving more and sitting less will most certainly improve your health, energy, vitality, and aid in your weight loss effort. It is important to define exercise and movement. They each play an important part in a mindful life, and they are not synonymous. Exercise is any activity that requires physical effort that is done to… Read More »

How to Choose a Workout You Won’t Hate

Here are five tips to consider when looking for an enjoyable form of exercise: 1. Choose a “just right” activity.  Be selective about which program you choose. When you observe or try a class, how do you feel? Intimidated? Insecure? Made to push beyond what you feel is safe? Bored? Excited? Invigorated? Trust your inner voice.… Read More »

Take the Green for 15 Challenge

Try taking the Green for 15 challenge. Green for 15 is a challenge I developed in 2011 to help address the community-wide problem of obesity and stress. Spending time outdoors reduces our sedentary time, and helps with health and weight loss. It is simple: commit to spending 15 minutes a day outside. It doesn’t even… Read More »