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What are You Feeding Your Mind?

For many years I have had a habit of listening to health, personal development, and spiritual audiobooks. It is a big part of my mindfulness practice. Back before you could download books to your phone with Audible, I used to purchase cd sets from Sounds True (ask me about some of these—they may be available… Read More »

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Does this sound familiar? You have encountered a fair share of obstacles along the way. Your weight loss journey feels like two steps forward and one step back (well…maybe five steps back). Your motivation started high, faltered a few times, and still feels kind of anemic. Maybe you have have walked away from the whole… Read More »

How to Handle Stress Eating

We’ve all been there. After a long stressful day, we overeat. As if the stress carved out a bottomless pit in our gut, we feel compelled to replenish it with food. In my case it used to be the Friday/Saturday combo. They were my busiest and most stressful days. Booked back to back with clients… Read More »

How to Lose Weight Using the Least Effort

There are two ways to approach the process of weight loss: one is from the bottom up, and the other is from the top down. Top-down weight loss is easier and more joyful to sustain. Think of weight loss as a triangle (above). Each tier of the triangle is a weight-loss strategy that–according to systems theory–… Read More »

Just the Facts

This article from Forbes outlines six key facts about weight loss. In a field where there are so many myths and fads floating around, it is important to keep the facts straight. These six facts show how important it is to take a long-term, systemic approach to losing weight. Ultimately, what is required is a… Read More »

Systems Thinking 101: Part 1

Systems theory is a way of looking at the world that sees things in terms of the whole picture rather than isolated parts, or just the sum of its parts. Systems theory sees things from multiple perspectives, not just one.  The Mindful Life Weight Loss Plan is based on systems theory. Your lifestyle can be… Read More »

Systems Thinking 101: Part 2

Addressing a part of the issue with a simplistic solution is indeed like playing the game Whack-a-Mole. You hit one of the little mole heads only to have another pop up somewhere else. You either frantically try to keep whacking moles, or give up. There is a better way: to use mindful awareness to figure… Read More »