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So You Think You Can’t Afford a Meal Delivery Plan?

Sometimes a first step in a healthy eating process is a structured meal delivery program. We think having the experience of eating a diet of 100% whole foods is the best place to start. This helps people to get a firsthand understanding of how addicting processed food is vs. how satisfying and delicious whole foods… Read More »


There is a common belief that if people could just “control themselves” they wouldn’t gain weight. This ties in closely with our American ethic of personal responsibility. As a self-reliant, individualistic society, we don’t like to blame others for our problems. It is no surprise that public discourse around food so often lands squarely in… Read More »

Two Principles of Weight Loss

This week’s weight loss class focused on food. Here are two principles of weight loss with regard to food that are worth exploring further. One is an internal principle: understand your relationship to food. The other is an external principle: focus on the quality of your food. Gaining mastery over these two principles will contribute… Read More »

Have You Been “Frucked?” Fat Chance…

” Key Points from Fat Chance: 1. Just eat real food, and many of your problems will be solved. Avoid restaurants, and read food labels carefully. 2. Exercise at least somewhat daily – not to lose weight, but to improve your health. 3. While not mentioned, meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress as… Read More »

Sugar Addiction

Check out this article  about sugar addiction. Many people who struggle with overeating are really responding to an addiction to sugar. There is a real physical dependency that contributes to our difficulty in giving up these foods. The first step to tackling this problem is to mindfully tune in to what is going on in our… Read More »

Teach Your Children Well: Family Eating Habits

When I was working in the Marriage and Family Therapy field, we had a guiding principle when it came to treating children: generally speaking, children’s problems are best addressed at the family level. This doesn’t mean that a family is always to “blame” for the child’s problems. Rather, it means that the solution will be most… Read More »

Does Slow and Steady Win the Race?

Some diets promise rapid weight loss. Others aim for a slower pace. Does the rate at which we lose weight have any bearing on whether we keep it off? This is a great question. Conventional wisdom has long held that slow, gradual weight loss is more sustainable. However, a new study questions that wisdom: regardless… Read More »

That Donut Will Cost Me How Many Miles?

One popular dieting trick is to quantify how much activity is required to burn off certain foods.Most people underestimate (or don’t even know) the amount of calories in their food, and overestimate their activity level. People assume they expend far more energy than they actually do while exercising. And to top it off, people treat… Read More »