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Teach Your Children Well: Family Eating Habits

When I was working in the Marriage and Family Therapy field, we had a guiding principle when it came to treating children: generally speaking, children’s problems are best addressed at the family level. This doesn’t mean that a family is always to “blame” for the child’s problems. Rather, it means that the solution will be most… Read More »

Group Support in Weight Loss

The research is clear on this. Group support is an excellent way to achieve your weight loss goals. This study, published in the journal Obesity, showed that people lost more weight when they attended group sessions. Consistent, frequent attendance was an important factor. What is it about groups that is so effective in the weight… Read More »

Coaching: Is There an App for That?

I love the idea of using technology to help people lose weight. My philosophy is: if it helps, why not give it a try. Everybody’s toolkit is different, and some are more tech-centered than others. The weight loss start-up Noom has several good apps, including a free pedometer for your phone (which I have), and a… Read More »