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Nature and Weight Loss

Massachusetts General Hospital has a program where its doctors write prescriptions for outdoor activity as a way to improve health (Outdoor Rx). This is one of those “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” moments that has actually materialized. “Wouldn’t it be nice” if doctors handed out prescriptions for walking the dog, hiking, or playing catch rather… Read More »

Green Time vs. Screen Time

I highly recommend the book Your Brain on Nature by Eva M. Selhub, MD and Alan C. Logan, ND. I used this book as an inspiration for a community psychology project during graduate school. My task was to choose a community issue and come up with a practical community-based intervention to address it. The issue… Read More »

Take the Green for 15 Challenge

Try taking the Green for 15 challenge. Green for 15 is a challenge I developed in 2011 to help address the community-wide problem of obesity and stress. Spending time outdoors reduces our sedentary time, and helps with health and weight loss. It is simple: commit to spending 15 minutes a day outside. It doesn’t even… Read More »

Get Outside and Lose Weight

Increasing our exposure to nature can help us to lose weight in the following ways: 1. Decrease our sedentary time. Screen-based activities increase our sedentary time. Any activity that is done in front of a screen is often done from a seated position. Before you know it, you realize that you have been sitting looking… Read More »