Take the Green for 15 Challenge


Try taking the Green for 15 challenge. Green for 15 is a challenge I developed in 2011 to help address the community-wide problem of obesity and stress. Spending time outdoors reduces our sedentary time, and helps with health and weight loss.

It is simple: commit to spending 15 minutes a day outside. It doesn’t even have to be all at once. That’s it.

Walk an extra block to get coffee.

Get off one bus stop earlier and walk the difference.

Go for a walk after dinner for a few minutes.

Don’t always choose the closest parking spot.

Rake some leaves.

Do some yard work.

Walk the dog.

Play outside with your child.

Fifteen minutes isn’t really that much time, but you will see a ripple effect that is really positive.

Remember: small changes, big results!

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