The Difference Between Exercise and Movement

Moving more and sitting less will most certainly improve your health, energy, vitality, and aid in your weight loss effort. It is important to define exercise and movement. They each play an important part in a mindful life, and they are not synonymous.

Exercise is any activity that requires physical effort that is done to improve strength or fitness, i.e. a sport, brisk walking, jogging, lifting weights, yoga, etc.

Movement, for the purposes of our program, is defined as anything other than sitting.

This can encompass standing at your computer workstation, shopping, cooking, cleaning house, light chores, waiting in line, or leisurely walking. A good way to measure movement is to wear a pedometer or portable fitness tracker.

Most people grossly over-estimate their movement, and are shocked to find out how little they move when they look at a pedometer.

There is no need to embark upon a radical exercise plan. You can focus on small, incremental changes as a long-term path to permanent change.

If you are not at a point in your life where you want to embrace an exercise regimen, you can start with increasing movement. You will find that an increase in movement (especially if you track it with a pedometer) will produce surprising changes in your energy and weight.

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