What is the Difference between Goals and Dreams?

What is your weight loss dream? Your vision? Your perfect end point? How does that differ from your weight loss goals? Or do you use the terms interchangeably?

Knowing the relationship between dreams and goals is crucial. If you don’t understand this relationship, you risk not being able to achieve either.

Goals are small steps on the path to a dream.

The dream is the end result.

There is no limit to how big you dream, provided your goals remain manageable and incremental.

The problem many people have is that they confuse the two. They substitute a dream for a goal, and neglect the crucial act of goal-setting and goal attainment.

Example: Wanting to take a trip to Paris is a dream. That dream will involve many small goals, most of which are tedious and not particularly glamorous. You need money to travel, but perhaps you are in credit card debt. First, you need to pay off your debt. That could take years, or a second job. Next, you have to save enough money for the trip. Again, that could take time. Still interested in the dream of going to Paris? Most people, by this point would give up. Or perhaps become impatient taking on more debt to pay for the trip (causing bigger problems).

The key to achieving what you want lies in making small, attainable goals (that are time-limited and measurable), and using the dream to motivate you toward the goals. Additionally, you need to take into consideration the inevitable potholes and road blocks that will arise.

Realistically, you will need many, many small goals to achieve your dream. And you will need to course-correct and strategize many times along the way.

When it comes to weight loss, the same rules apply. You craft your dream (your Vision Statement) which is complete with your perfect end point.  And then, you begin taking small steps—goals—on that path. When you falter, hit a road block, or lose motivation, re-charge with your Vision Statement, or by getting group support (and helping others toward their dream).

Helping others strategize and achieve their goals and dreams is an excellent way to help yourself. It is one of the key reasons why group support helps with weight loss.

If you keep the goal/dream distinction in mind, you are much more likely to achieve your dream.




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