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So You Think You Can’t Afford a Meal Delivery Plan?

Our first step in the weight loss process is a structured meal delivery program. We think having the experience of eating a diet of 100% whole foods is the best place to start. This helps people to get a firsthand understanding of how addicting processed food is vs. how satisfying and delicious whole foods are.… Read More »

Have You Been “Frucked?” Fat Chance…

” Key Points from Fat Chance: 1. Just eat real food, and many of your problems will be solved. Avoid restaurants, and read food labels carefully. 2. Exercise at least somewhat daily – not to lose weight, but to improve your health. 3. While not mentioned, meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress as… Read More »

Responding to Internal vs. External Signals to Eat

“If you don’t like your world, change yourself (in a positive way). By virtue of changing yourself, your world will change…” This simple axiom can be very powerful. Research has shown we make over 200 decisions about food every day. Most of these decisions are driven by external factors. In our fast paced, sedentary world… Read More »