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Holistic Weight Loss Center in Westchester NY

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Holistic Weight Loss Center in Westchester NY


Sustainable weight loss does not start with a diet. It starts with good tasting food that calibrates your system to succeed.

  • Immediate weight loss to jump start motivation
  • Convenient, fresh, and delicious meal delivery
  • Grocery store tours and meal prep consultation
  • Highly individualized and supportive weight loss community
  • Mindful eating to get the most enjoyment

Lifestyle Counseling

The CDC recognizes lifestyle adjustment as a critical component of sustainable weight loss. People gain weight due to their lifestyle. Without addressing lifestyle, the weight is frequently regained.

  • Professionally led mindfulness-based lifestyle counseling
  • Weight loss groups or individual
  • Affordable
  • Help for emotional eating
  • Replace “diet mentality” with intuitive eating

Mindful Exercise

Stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness are known contributors to weight gain and poor health in Westchester, NY. Meditation and exercise are evidence based tools. Our meditative exercise is a powerful approach.

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi / Qi Gong
  • Aikido
  • Meditation
  • Gym / Medical Exercise
What Does Success Look Like?

A Holistic Weight Loss Program: Westchester NY

Mindful Life Weight Loss Book
Mindful Life Weight Loss Book

Five Areas of Weight Loss

Weight loss is an integrated process, and we show you how everything falls into place. The Mindful Life Weight Loss program outlines The Five Areas of Weight Loss. They are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Food
  • Activity
  • Relationships
  • Nature (screen time vs. green time)

Sustainable Weight Loss

Building on the practice of mindful awareness, we teach you how each area of your life influences the other areas. We show you how this way of thinking can help you to get to the bottom of your struggles with weight. This integrated, holistic approach is based on systems theory. We are experienced systems thinkers, expertly able to see connections and design strategies to address problems effectively. Not quick fixes, or “band-aid” solutions, but strategies for real change.