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Mindful Life Weight Loss Coaching of Westchester NY


Holistic Weight Loss Center in Westchester NY

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Holistic Weight Loss Center in Westchester NY


Maintaining a healthy weight does not start with a “diet.” It starts with good tasting food from nature that calibrates your system toward balance, vitality, and health. Our coaching offers:

  • An overview of basic principles of healthy eating drawn from the worlds ancient wisdom traditions, such as yoga, ayurveda, and tai chi.
  • Instruction in the practice of mindfulness, which can help you to develop mindful eating and lead you towards an eating plan for your specific body and disposition.
  • Coaching to help you understand that weight is only one component in an entire lifestyle. Real change begins with lifestyle.
  • Our program moves you away from a diet-centered model and toward a holistic framework.


Health professionals recognize lifestyle adjustment as a critical component of a sustainable healthy weight. Without addressing lifestyle, it is difficult to make progress.

  • Professional coaching will provide you with practical tools to help you set and achieve goals and make incremental lifestyle changes.
  • A caring and supportive coaching relationship.
  • Instruction in contemplative practices designed to reduce stress and increase inner balance and harmony.
  • Replace “diet mentality” with intuitive eating. Replace quick fixes with a patient, holistic, long term vision.

Mindful Exercise

Stress and overwhelm are known contributors to weight gain and poor health in Westchester, NY. Meditation and exercise are evidence based tools. Our meditative exercise is a powerful approach. Programs are offered at our Scarsdale center.

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Aikido
  • Meditation

A Holistic Weight Loss Program: Westchester NY

Mindful Life Weight Loss Book
Mindful Life Weight Loss Book

Five Areas of Weight Loss

Weight loss is an integrated process, and we show you how everything fits together. Our coaching program outlines The Five Areas of Weight Loss. They are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Food
  • Activity
  • Relationships
  • Nature (screen time vs. green time)

Sustainable Weight Loss

Building on the practice of mindful awareness, we teach you how each area of your life influences the other areas. We show you how this way of thinking can help you to get to the bottom of your struggles with weight in a gentle, incremental way. This integrated approach helps you to see connections and design strategies to address problems effectively. Not quick fixes, or “band-aid” solutions, but strategies for real change.