Mindful Life Weight Loss Coaching
Westchester NY


Holistic Weight Loss Programs

Three Pillars of our Program

Mindfulness Instruction

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Mindful Eating

We introduce you to the ancient practice of mindfulness. This can help you slow down, pay attention, and tune inward to your true self and innate wisdom. You will learn mindful eating, and develop the skill of listening to your body as you move toward eating healthy, natural foods that provide nourishment and vitality. We will teach you how to develop a daily mindfulness practice.


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Individual Coaching

You don’t have to do it alone. Our coaches work with you to develop an individualized program geared toward sustainable long term lifestyle transformation. Using best practices from the fields of coaching, positive psychology, and ancient wisdom traditions, we walk alongside you on your journey to an improved lifestyle. Our style is caring, supportive, warm and practical. We work virtually via phone, or in person at our Scarsdale, NY location in increments of 30 minute sessions.

Movement Practices

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Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido

Our center offers yoga, tai chi, and Aikido. If you would like to immerse yourself in a mindful exercise program that can support your efforts at healthy living and lifestyle transformation, please feel free to join our programs at our Scarsdale, NY location. We have classes 7 days a week, morning, noon, and evening. Beginners are welcome at all of our classes where they can expect patient, expert instruction and a friendly community.

Westchester NY Testimonials: Weight Loss/Mindfulness/Life Coaching

Professional Recommendations:

Professional recommendations highlights

... I would rank her in the top 5% of students in my 35 years of graduate level teaching. Ms. Gold is highly responsible....spending a great deal of time thinking carefully about [those] with whom she works....She approaches her work with creativity, appreciating that every person is unique. At the same time, she appreciates the advantages of a range of theories... "

"I found Kimberly to be a well-read, intelligent person with a burning curiosity about life and psychology....I give her my unqualified recommendation..."

"Kim’s compassion, empathy, and dedication to her clients never cease to amaze me... I have learned much from her. Her ... attention to ethics have earned her many friends amongst her colleagues..."

"...She is creative and approaches her work with intelligence and a flexibility that appropriately embraces different ethnicities, cultures, and genders.... I have the highest regard for this graduate...."

Ms. Gold brings a wonderful combination of brightness, excellent writing skills, fine interaction with others, and creativity... I found her to be committed to [those] she worked with ... where she carefully thought through her work with every case....Kim Gold is a person who searches for answers when she does not know them, using every resource at her command..."


Testimonial highlights from past and current clients (life coaching, group coaching, mindful weight loss coaching)

"I give a lot of credit to the personal stories people share and the feedback they get. It is custom-made and personal. Everybody gets to be helped by you and each other, and is supported." (group coaching)

"...Kim has helped me manage my [college] work in an organized manner to make it less stressful... I understand that I DO have plenty of time to do things other than homework. During times when I thought I couldn't do something she would encourage and support me to make me more confident in my abilities. Over the last few years that I have worked with Kim I have seen growth in the way I complete assignments and manage my time the right way." (life coaching)

"What is remarkable to me is that through this program I have been able to realize exactly how mindlessly I’ve eaten my entire life! It is amazing when you realize this, and even more so once you are provided the fortitude to eat mindfully and thus begin realizing the results of your better choices. Whether using this program as a jump start or booster, or as the backbone of a truly life changing new journey, it can provide you with an ethos – a new way of thinking – that if followed can send a ripple effect through your universe and thereby change the course you’re on. I started out on my journey to lose weight and become a healthier individual and came to this program in an effort to plug in a different dimension to what I was doing. This ended up helping me just as much as my new exercise regimen! And if you think about it – why I’m eating something, is more important than what I’m eating. And that’s what I have now learned, and it has made an enormous difference." (mindful eating coaching)

"Kim has been an angel in my life...Thanks to Kim's extraordinary support, help and skill, my.... habits are now transforming into healthy ones..." (life coaching)

"Since beginning this program approximately six months ago, it has given me the motivation and discipline to make smart choices ... The understanding and concern to help me with my goals is clearly genuine. It is a life style adjustment that is working and generating changes in me that are not only to my benefit, but to those in my life who mean the most to me!" (group coaching)

"Having the group keeps me focused, and keeps me really aware of what I'm doing and not doing. The group is very supportive. We feed off of each other and it helps. It keeps me wanting to come back for the supportive feedback and conversations. We are like a family." (group coaching)

"This group has helped me to be more aware of things.Changing my diet hasn't seemed hard. We talk about things you don't usually talk about, and it has helped me to clarify my goals." (group coaching)