Mindful Life Weight Loss Coaching
Westchester NY


About Us

Mindful Life Weight Loss grew as an extension of the mind/body/spirit practices offered at Still Mind Martial Arts and Yoga. Several of the students were looking for a way to lose weight by using the principles taught in Aikido, yoga, and tai chi. Originally, we offered both group and individual coaching, but now focus solely on individual coaching.

Mindful Life Weight Loss is operated by Integrated Peace Arts, a 501 (C) (3) Corporation. Program dues are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

Kim Gold

Kim Gold

Kim Gold is one of the founders of Mindful Life Weight Loss and the author of the self-study book of the same name. For more than 25 years, she has studied and practiced ways of personal growth through meditative disciplines and psychology. Mindful Life Weight Loss in Westchester NY is the result of taking the principles and practices of these wisdom traditions and applying them to the modern day struggle to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Kim Gold is a teacher and practitioner of yoga and Aikido, and a life coach. She also holds a master’s degree in psychology. She works with people in a caring and supportive coaching relationship to help them get unstuck around the issue of weight. Unlike the typical model of weight loss which can be aggressive to the body, and lacking in patience, our program is done in a gentle and incremental manner and does not put anyone under time pressure. We assume that people have a wellspring of inner wisdom from which to draw. We seek to connect people to that source of inner wisdom to fuel their lifestyle transformation.

Struggling with weight doesn’t mean something is wrong with a person, but rather that something is not working in the larger system of their whole lives that has gotten them temporarily disconnected from their source. The weight issue is merely there to catch our attention and direct us back to a path of wholeness. Our coaching can help point the way in that direction, and provide you with practical tools for the journey.