Mindful Life Weight Loss Coaching
Westchester NY


Success – What it Looks Like

In the search for happiness, we typically repeat the same mistakes over and over again, denying reality as we morph our bodies into self destruction. The search for happiness is completely legitimate. As long as we have life, it is our job to turn the search in the directions that can produce the results we really want. Join us as we begin the search for happiness in areas that can produce REAL results.

Most people start with the counseling and quickly add areas where they need help.

The entire package works like a symphony to change your life for the better. Within a few days of starting the meal delivery service you have lost your addiction to your old foods. Within a few weeks you don’t even have a desire to go back to the way you used to eat. Your new regimen looks so much more appetizing. Hunger and deprivation are not issues.

At the same time our counseling works on the underlying reasons you developed the weight problem from the start. Was it stress related eating, emotional eating, etc? We begin the application of mindfulness to explore alternative solutions to get you what you really need, as food never seems to be a satisfying solution to those issues.

Lastly we get you moving, which is natural for your body. But in moving, you also enhance the skills of mindfulness. These more relaxed forms of exercise are better for your health and reinforce the counseling.

As you have lost your weight and approach your goal, we explore alternatives to the meal delivery program. We set up a system that will not produce the same weight gain you have experienced in the past. With the application of mindfulness, you have the power to control your weight and move it where ever you wish at any time. If you want success, it is right here. But you have to put in the effort. What you put in to the programs, you get that much in return. When you turn your effort to helping others, you get those results in geometric proportions.