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Holistic Weight Loss Programs

What Does Success Look Like?

Three Pillars of Weight Loss

Nutrition / Meal Delivery

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Meal Delivery - Mindful Eating

We can work with you to find a convenient meal delivery plan to provide immediate structure to your eating with minimal effort. With such a plan, you transition off of addictive processed foods and onto wholesome, fresh foods. This can help with motivation as you experience weight loss without feeling hungry or deprived. We help you experience a way of eating that does not involve deprivation and restriction, but honors the needs of your body and mind. We help you transform your relationship with food by experiencing how satisfying -- and easy -- it can be to eat nourishing foods. We also offer grocery store tours and meal prep consultation.

Lifestyle Counseling

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Groups & Individual Sessions

The research is clear: weight loss is a lifestyle issue. “Diets” are a thing of the past. The most effective way to transform your lifestyle is through the practice of mindfulness in a group or individual setting. Mindfulness helps you see cause and effect relationships, and undo mindless, automatic behavior. We offer supportive group counseling, or individual coaching to help you apply mindfulness to your daily life. Working with another human being who truly cares about your progress provides support, encouragement, problem-solving, and accountability. We focus on incremental and sustainable change, not simply short term results. Our methodology is highly individualized and targets emotional eating, a key cause of weight gain. When you work with us in a group or individual setting, you will learn how to replace a “dieting mindset” with a mindful, intuitive eating approach.

Mindful Exercise

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Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Aikido

Exercise is crucial for good health and stress reduction. Our center offers a full array of mind/body disciplines that combine mindfulness with exercise, because exercise + mindfulness supercharges habit change. We have seen our most powerful results in members who embark upon a regular practice of mindful exercise. We offer yoga, qi gong, tai chi, and aikido: all potent, time-tested systems to transform body and mind. We offer affordable group classes as well as private instruction at our studio or in your home. We are skilled at using these modalities to help increase body awareness and decrease stress, anxiety, depression, compulsive behavior and other issues that contribute to emotional eating.

Westchester NY Testimonials

Customer was in program for 4 months working on addressing emotional eating triggers before starting to lose weight. From an email update:
"I got a New Year's gift when I woke up and got on the scale.. I lost the 2 to 3 pounds I gained over the holidays! Then, this morning, I lost almost a whole pound, but the fraction put me over and it's officially 17 pounds now lost! This is the first time EVER that I went INTO the New Year ALREADY having lost weight, and not with that sugar regret from the holidays on Jan 1 and total deprivation and depression.... What a blessing! While everyone else is ripping their hair out and totally stressed, I just went down a pant size.... :)" -- Melissa, Media Professional

Kim has been an angel in my life. Before I met Kim, I had been wrestling with out-of-control eating and sleeping patterns, which I hadn't been able to overcome for decades.Thanks to Kim's extraordinary support, help and skill, my eating and sleeping habits are now transforming into healthy ones. Both Kim and Steve are perfect for their unique holistic weight loss program. They have the knowledge, experience, caring, and generosity to make others succeed. Anyone who works with them is truly blessed. -- Judith (Teacher/Writer)

“What is remarkable to me is that through this program I have been able to realize exactly how MINDLESSLY I’ve eaten my entire life! It is amazing when you realize this, and even more so once you are provided the fortitude to eat MINDFULLY and thus begin realizing the results of your better choices. Whether using this program as a jump start or booster, or as the backbone of a truly life changing new journey, it can provide you with an ethos – a new way of thinking – that if followed can send a ripple effect through your universe and thereby change the course you’re on. I started out on my journey to lose weight and become a healthier individual and came to this program in an effort to plug in a different dimension to what I was doing. This ended up helping me just as much as my new exercise regimen! And if you think about it – WHY I’m eating something, is more important than WHAT I’m eating. And that’s what I have now learned, and it has made an enormous difference.” -- Jason (Attorney)

“Since beginning this program approximately six months ago, it has given me the motivation and discipline to make smart choices not only in my eating practices, but with my health and everyday life. The understanding and concern to help me with my goals is clearly genuine. It is a life style adjustment that is working and generating changes in me that are not only to my benefit, but to those in my life who mean the most to me!” -- Joel (Managing Partner, Law firm)

"I give a lot of credit to the personal stories people share and the feedback they get. It is custom-made and personal. Everybody gets to be helped by you and each other, and be supported." -- Helen (Professor)

"Having the group keeps me focused, and keeps me really aware of what I'm doing and not doing. The group is very supportive. We feed off of each other and it helps. It keeps me wanting to come back for the supportive feedback and conversations. We are like a family." Lisa, retired nurse

"The Mindful Life groups have helped me to understand people's issues and given me more tools to help them. Conscious awareness and staying in the moment is incredibly helpful in finding cause and effect relationships in people's lives." Ron, Medical Exercise Specialist and fitness center owner

"This group has helped me to be more aware of things. Changing my diet hasn't seemed hard. We talk about things you don't usually talk about, and it has helped me to clarify my goals." Roxanne, retired teacher