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-- by Steve Kanney

The Ventriloquist Snorer

I was attending my third meditation retreat - 7 days of meditation of 12 hours/day. Within a couple of hours we heard snoring. Someone fell asleep. Not so unusual. But it persisted all day. The monks started checking people to see who was snoring. There were 50 of us. One came and tapped me on the shoulder. I told him it wasn't me. He asked where it came from. No one could figure it out. About 3 days in, the teacher gave a talk. He explained that someone thought they couldn't make it through the retreat regimen, so they decided to sleep. But if they wanted to get through it, actually the best way was to practice their method and not sleep. The snoring stopped. At the end of the retreat the mysterious sleeper identified himself. He explained that he did indeed think the retreat was too tough, and so he decided to sleep as his only means to survive. But when he switched to practicing his method, he realized that it was much easier and also more enjoyable than sleeping. How strange?!

We all have an appointment with life. Some of us find it painful and feel sleeping is the best way through. We may be working, eating, watching TV, going to parties - but all the time we are asleep. Every decision we make is automatic. We don't really consider what will make us happy, or what is important in life. We just react in the way we think will give us the most immediate pleasure and go on. The consequences are often not very good, but we persist, thinking it is the only way.

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to lose weight while asleep, it does not exist. There are fast ways to yo-yo up and down in weight, but they are not easy. They also have negative consequences.

But if you want to try waking up and making your life conscious, then suddenly everything is fast and easy, and more enjoyable as well. That is the strategy we promote. If you want to get started with our fast and easy approach, ask us about our 30-day Easy Start program.