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The Secret to Staying Positive

I was recently told “You’re so positive” by a client. That is a very nice compliment, but the surprising truth is that the road to staying positive is paved with honoring the negative. I’m a big fan of Carl Jung. My take on his teachings is that mental and spiritual health involves the integration of… Read More »

How to Navigate the Phases of Habit Change

Habits don’t die quickly. Especially habits related to binge eating or emotional eating. These habits cling on for dear life, gasp for their last breath, and keep on going. They are like a movie villain who is left for dead, but then pops up with renewed vigor later in the movie. But eventually, these habits–like… Read More »

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Does this sound familiar? You have encountered a fair share of obstacles along the way. Your weight loss journey feels like two steps forward and one step back (well…maybe five steps back). Your motivation started high, faltered a few times, and still feels kind of anemic. Maybe you have have walked away from the whole… Read More »

Do You Have Mixed Feelings About Losing Weight?

If you think the answer is “no,” it may actually be “yes.” Mixed feelings are a natural part of the journey toward change. Motivation—by nature—waxes and wanes depending on any number of factors. Human beings are complex creatures. If you have been feeling bad that you are not “all in” with this weight loss thing,… Read More »

Two Principles of Weight Loss

This week’s weight loss class focused on food. Here are two principles of weight loss with regard to food that are worth exploring further. One is an internal principle: understand your relationship to food. The other is an external principle: focus on the quality of your food. Gaining mastery over these two principles will contribute… Read More »

How to Handle Stress Eating

We’ve all been there. After a long stressful day, we overeat. As if the stress carved out a bottomless pit in our gut, we feel compelled to replenish it with food. In my case it used to be the Friday/Saturday combo. They were my busiest and most stressful days. Booked back to back with clients… Read More »

What to do When You Fall Off Your Weight Loss Plan

Or “How to Start a Weight Loss Plan Even if it is the 100th Time You’ve Tried” Consider the following quote from meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg: “It is never too late to turn on the light. Your ability to break an unhealthy habit or turn off an old tape doesn’t depend on how long it… Read More »

Teach Your Children Well: Family Eating Habits

When I was working in the Marriage and Family Therapy field, we had a guiding principle when it came to treating children: generally speaking, children’s problems are best addressed at the family level. This doesn’t mean that a family is always to “blame” for the child’s problems. Rather, it means that the solution will be most… Read More »

Does Slow and Steady Win the Race?

Some diets promise rapid weight loss. Others aim for a slower pace. Does the rate at which we lose weight have any bearing on whether we keep it off? This is a great question. Conventional wisdom has long held that slow, gradual weight loss is more sustainable. However, a new study questions that wisdom: regardless… Read More »

The Seven-Minute Workout

I tried and tested this brief workout.  It looks easy on paper, but is quite exerting. In my post about finding a workout regimen that you don’t hate, I advise people to pick something that is fun. This is not fun. But hey, if you can’t find something that is fun, at least you can… Read More »