Updates for Fall 2015


I haven’t been as active with blog posts because we have been very busy expanding and refining our program offerings. Here’s what Steve and I have been up to this Fall:

When our members give us feedback, we listen. We heard a desire for a more structured eating plan. Our program’s recommendations are for a “real foods” diet similar to Michael Pollan’s advice: “Eat real food. Mostly plants. Not too much.” But there was a need for something more tangible.

New Product: Meal Delivery

A common issue is not having time to shop, prepare food, and cook. Many people get caught eating at restaurants, fast food, or skipping meals and then bingeing on junk food later. Enter meal delivery plans.

I set out on a mission. I researched meal delivery companies extensively, as well as met with local chefs. Our criteria were that the food tastes good, is fresh, has variety, is affordable, organic, free of chemicals, portion/calorie controlled, nutritionally sound, and offers flexibility in dietary preference: vegan, paleo, or flexitarian (animal protein, vegetables, and unrefined grains).

After several months of testing and searching, I found two great companies that we decided to work with: Fresh-n-Lean and ION Nutrition. They fit all of our stringent Mindful Life guidelines, which was not an easy task. You can order on our website and receive 10% off on your first order by using the code: Mindful. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss how to integrate meal delivery into your weight loss plan.

Program Integration

Meal delivery was part of an overall refinement of our programs. We started out as a small mindful eating group back in 2012. But as we’ve reached more people, the need to more fully meet people’s weight loss needs by integrating food, counseling, and mindful exercise became clear.

Different people have different needs. Someone can choose all three programs–meal delivery, lifestyle counseling, and mindful exercise—or any combination. We’ve been working on how best to integrate the various combinations of programs that people choose. Some might choose meal delivery + mindful exercise. Others might want meal delivery but may not enjoy being part of a group counseling experience. So we have also refined our counseling to include 15 or 30 minute individual coaching for those who prefer to work one-to-one. We continue to target our specialty: emotional eating.

Several of our members have tried meal delivery programs in the past. While they had successful weight loss while on those programs, they gained the weight back as soon as they were left on their own. Since we offer counseling and coaching with the meal delivery, we help people become more mindful of the changes to their habits while eating portion-controlled whole foods. We can then help turn those new habits into daily habits. That way when people stop a meal program, they are better prepared to keep the weight off.

Mindful Exercise

Concurrent with our move to 305 Central Avenue, we have added ongoing yoga, chi gung, and tai chi classes (along with our longstanding aikido program). A regular physical practice is one of the best ways to develop the skill of mindfulness, body awareness, and fitness. There is also no better way of relieving stress.

We are happy to announce a new yoga series beginning in mid-January: Yoga for a Pain Free Body and a Stress Free Mind. It is a six class series taught by master teacher Athina Pride. Contact us for details if you are interested. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Website: Updated

Check out our new website. It has a new look, and new description of our offerings.

And Finally: Enjoy the Season!


Here is a picture of the beautiful leaves at Cranberry Lake Preserve in White Plains, NY.

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