Three Ways to Add More Activity into Your Day

Here are three tips to add more activity and movement into your day:

1. Use some of the new techie tools to increase movement. Consider one of the devices that tracks footsteps. Some of these devices will even vibrate every 20 minutes or so to remind you to get up and walk around. Additionally, these devices tap into the human tendency to want to challenge or improve what we have done. If you find yourself walking 3,000 steps one day, try to get to 3,100 the next day. And so on. Before  you know it, you will be at 10,000 steps.

2. Do it yourself (DIY). Look at your routine and find one task that you normally automate or outsource. Do you hire a housecleaner? Perhaps your entire family could embark upon a group housecleaning on the weekend. Do you use a machine to blow away your leaves? Perhaps your family could rake once a week. Have you gotten in the habit of ordering household items from Amazon Prime? Why should the UPS guy get all the exercise? Take back some of those tasks and go to the brick and mortar stores. Rake, shovel, sweep, lift, bend, push. Go Old School on some chores. Use the tool of mindfulness to turn the task into a family activity, or an opportunity for couple/social time, or maybe groove to some music while vacuuming.

3. Connect. Our lives have gotten very isolated and sedentary, and it has become the new normal. Being isolated and sedentary are linked. Consider this: we stay in our homes while products get delivered. The kids sit in front of the tv while we put the groceries away. We sit in the car and drive through drive-thru windows. Some of us rarely get outside in our own backyards because the family is scattered at their own activities or work. We get “curb side” pick ups at restaurants. Too many people eat alone in their cars.  Our kids stay strapped in strollers because it is easier than chasing them around. Teens don’t even physically get together anymore, as kids text and facetime as a form of social interaction. Simply making an effort to connect with other flesh and blood human beings will increase movement as we go places and do things. This ripple effect will lead to more movement (akin to what earlier generations experienced) and decreased isolation.

Try some of these suggestions to add more movement into your daily life. Remember the ripple effect. One small action can have large results. Give it a try!

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