Think Yourself Thin?

What is the relationship between positive thinking and weight loss?

There are some schools of thought that tell you all you need to do is get a clear vision of your goal, and you are most of the way there. Others dismiss this as new-agey hogwash. The truth is somewhere in the middle (isn’t it always?).

I’m all for having enticing, motivating dreams. However, one pitfall of this practice is that it can distract or deter a person from engaging in the necessary strategizing that is a key part of attaining anything. This great article in The New York Times explains why. My post about the difference between a vision and goals also provides some insight.

As wonderful as a dream is–and as good as it feels to imagine the perfect end result–there is still much practical work to be done before getting there. Goals are small steps along the path toward a dream. And more often than not, there are obstacles and potholes along that path that need to be dealt with.

One of the great things about group sessions is that we brainstorm strategies for the inevitable obstacles. Chances are if you slipped up this week, another group member has been there and can help you.  And when another group member spots danger ahead, they can help devise a pre-emptive plan. This is a much more realistic way to achieve what you want. No need to throw out the positive thinking, just make sure you keep it real.

So, while you cannot “think yourself thin,” you can use that positive image as part of a realistic weight loss plan.


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