The Seven-Minute Workout

I tried and tested this brief workout.  It looks easy on paper, but is quite exerting.

In my post about finding a workout regimen that you don’t hate, I advise people to pick something that is fun. This is not fun.

But hey, if you can’t find something that is fun, at least you can aim for brief.  That is the thinking behind the seven-minute workout. It is a miserable seven minutes. But it is only seven minutes!

I usually use this for days when I am short on time and I want a whole body workout.  Rather than spending seven minutes telling myself why I don’t have time for exercise, I can just do the exercise.

It is definitely worth a try. I like having as many tools in the toolkit as possible, and this is a nice little portable screwdriver, if you will.

It is all about habits. You want to get to a point where being more active is a habit that won’t fall by the wayside when life gets crazy. This is a nice way to maintain continuity on days when activity is likely to be squeezed out.


2 thoughts on “The Seven-Minute Workout

  1. Geaniemarie

    You’re right, this does look simple on paper, but I bet it’s not. I’m going to run it off and try it though. I like to try different exercise routines to spice things up and like you say, this is quick. I’ve been told that changing your exercises periodically is good for you since you use different muscle groups etc. Thanks for a fun challenge.

    1. Kim Gold Post author

      You’re welcome. This is a fun challenge, and keeps things interesting.


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