Just the Facts

This article from Forbes outlines six key facts about weight loss. In a field where there are so many myths and fads floating around, it is important to keep the facts straight. These six facts show how important it is to take a long-term, systemic approach to losing weight.

Ultimately, what is required is a permanent lifestyle shift. However, that is simply not possible for most people because it is too drastic. That is why Mindful Life Weight Loss is about a steady, gradual shift over time.

Essentially, weight loss is about a change in habits. The final fact “It’s all about the brain” sums it up perfectly. As with most things, the battle is fought and won in the mind. Over time, we develop persistent behaviors– habits–that result in weight gain. Habits are like a path worn smooth. In order to develop new habits, it takes work, and yes, a degree of discomfort. But with persistence (and support) it can be done:

” The key is that the process does take time, and like any other behavior change, is ultimately a practice. ‘We want to change behavior here,’ says Hill. ‘Anyone that tells you it’s going to happen in 12 weeks, that’s bogus. We’re trying to rewire the brain. Neurobiology has told us so much about what’s going on with weight gain and weight loss. It takes a long time to develop new habits, rituals, routines. This takes months and years. But it will happen.”

It will happen. One step at a time.

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